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URG Core Program

We are proud to be part of The URG Core Value Program to help you determine core values as easily and quickly as possible.

The URG Core Program provides:

  • Custom tools and resources unique to URG specifically catered to automotive recyclers
  • Current core prices are automatically downloaded into Checkmate, Powerlink 2, Pinnacle Classic, Pinnacle Pro, and CRUSH
  • Newly added core load function
  • Predismantle core reports
  • Inventory core reports

Stop Throwing Away Money

Recyclers have been throwing away a lot of money because they do not realize how much cores are really worth. URG can now automatically download current core prices into your inventory management system to provide you with tools to educate your salespeople and inventory personnel. Your salespeople will automatically be prompted to charge the current top core price at the point of sale, and your inventory personnel will see current core prices at the time of inventory, which will drastically increase your profits.

Before filling out your invoice, consult our mandatory requirements list for accepting cores:

Core Requirements

For more information about selling your cores using the URG Program, call our customer support center:

877.PHX.CORE (749.2673)

You must be a URG member to participate. To sign up for the URG core program, or for more information please refer to: the URG Sign Up Page

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