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International Automotive Core Supplier &
Processor of Catalytic Converters

Phoenix Automotive Cores is a valuable partner to the automotive parts remanufacturer and the progressive automotive recycler.

As an international automotive core supplier, we work hard to provide the best quality used automotive parts for the automotive parts remanufacturers. This requires a comprehensive sourcing program to access available cores from thousands of automotive recycling yards nationally. We do this from our four main locations in the US, experienced road buyers and through the use of online programs designed to communicate to our business partners exactly which parts have value.

Within our catalytic converter operations, we strive to hire and train only the best catalytic converter buyers in order to provide reliable and ethical buyers that give the best possible and realistic pricing on catalytic converters. Phoenix Automotive Cores is a leading automotive catalyst processor, producing tens of thousands of Troy Ounces of Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium and other metals annually. We work diligently to maintain and improve our highly efficient catalyst dust collections systems in order to return as much value to all our customers.

We offer our extensive knowledge of the scrap and precious metals recycling industry, our active involvement with the automotive parts remanufacturing and automotive recycling industries and most importantly, our solid relationships within these industries to our partners.

We never promise you 110% of the gross value of anything. But we do strive to exceed your expectations in anything we do and positively impact your bottom line.

"See what Phoenix Automotive Cores can inspire in you"

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