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In February, 1998, in acknowledgement of the need for trustworthy scrap metals recycling in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Jay Robie founded CMS, LLC and engaged in the buying and selling of scrap metals. Word spread quickly of its honesty and integrity and it wasn’t long before the company achieved notable success.

It wasn’t long before Jay began accepting electronics recycling (E waste) in an effort to answer the growing necessity for an outlet by which to dispose of outdated technologies. In 2001, Jay purchased the company’s first building and began recycling both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In the subsequent year, the first roll-off truck was purchased, and the recycling of scrap steel began. The recycling operation was renamed Commodity Management Services (CMS).

Shortly thereafter, CMS began purchasing catalytic converters and selling them to processing facilities. In 2003, CMS started decanning and processing its own catalytic converters, becoming the only catalytic converter decanner in the state of Arizona. However, scrap automobiles are full of more recyclable parts than just the catalytic converters, so in January of 2004, a venture into a new area of recycling began - automotive cores. A new division was formed that would be named Phoenix Automotive Cores. Phoenix Automotive Cores’ mission was to educate and empower those in the automotive cores industry, and it has succeeded. Through knowledge and experience, Phoenix Automotive Cores has changed the way automotive cores are bought, handled and sold.

In July, 2004, the Automotive Recyclers Association University invited Phoenix Automotive Cores to provide a training course for automotive recyclers. This invitation marked the first time an automotive core supplier had been invited to provide a training course that had the far-reaching potential to educate partners in the industry.

The successes of CMS and Phoenix Automotive Cores prompted the need for more structured organization, so Jay formed Recycling Solutions, a new parent company, to unite all three companies under one ownership. And in September of 2009, Recycling Solutions was recognized by the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Committee as the 37th largest privately-held firm in Arizona, and ranked as the 4th fastest-growing, privately-held firm in the state. Later that same month, Recycling Solutions was renamed Phoenix Group Metals in an effort to better represent all of the growing areas of operations. And in November 2009, Jay Robie was named Chairman of the Automotive Parts Remanufacturing Association’s Core Suppliers Advisor Council.

In September of 2011, Phoenix Group Metals was recognized once again by the Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Committee as the 30th largest privately-held firm in Arizona, and ranked as the 3rd fastest-growing, privately-held firm in the state.

What began as an idea to help the environment through the recycling of scrap metals became a catalyst by which automotive recyclers can become educated and empowered. Through his willingness to share his knowledge, practices and experience with others in the industry, Jay Robie has made Phoenix Group Metals the success it has now become, and forever changed the face of recycling by continually championing education, integrity, partnerships and innovation.

    Today, the Phoenix Group Metals family of companies has grown to employ a staff of more than 150 and enjoys a market as far-reaching as Europe and South America, and provides the following services:
  • Recycles ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Recycles plastics, paper products and batteries
  • Processes catalytic converters
  • Purchases more than 45,000 automotive cores each month
  • Stocks more than 500,000 automotive parts at any given time
  • Supplies automotive parts remanufacturers on a global level
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