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PAC-Cores Online Programs

PAC-Cores™ offers automotive recycling yards access to industry leading programs which provide you, the auto recycler, easy access to pricing for automotive cores. Our online programs allow you to maximize your investment by generating more parts revenue. Selling your cores is a great opportunity to increase your sales volume, as well as help the recycling industry. With PAC-Cores™ we can easily buy large quantities of parts from you in one simple transaction using any of our online program options.

PAC-Cores™ is proud to have partnered with an industry leader,

To begin selling your cores, simply authorize that your parts be displayed during a Coremate™ search so we can provide you with a quote on your inventory. The best feature of all is that there is no cost to you for this valuable service as a subscriber!

Using the Core Pricing™, program automotive recyclers can look up core values with VIN or Year and Model searches. This program allows the auto recycler to mark vehicles for dismantling to ensure all the valuable cores are removed. This online program is available to all automotive recyclers, for access please contact our customer support center.

PAC-Cores™ is live on the URG Core Value Program which integrates core prices directly into many inventory management systems. The Core Value Program is available to URG members and allows users to create core loads using a Predismantle Core Report and an Inventory Core Report.

Before filling out your invoice, consult our mandatory requirements list for accepting cores:

Core Requirements

For more information, contact our customer support center:

877.PHX.CORE (749.2673)

To sign up with, go to their website at:

To sign up with URG, go to their website at:

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